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Plum season is near :-)

        How to Plant Plum Seeds From a Plum You Just Ate

It is possible to grow a plum tree from the seed of a plum you just ate. However, unless you are eating the fruit from a wild plum or other true plum, the chances of the tree producing the same kind of fruit are slim. This is because most plums come from grafted trees. Save several plum seeds from the fruit after you’ve eaten them, because not all of the seeds are viable.

Step 1

Wash the pits under running water to remove the plum flesh.

Step 2

Dry the pits and place them in a glass yar, but leave yar open.

Step 3

Place yar in the refrigerator for at least 90 days.

Step 4

Remove the pits from the yar. Soak the seeds in a bowl of tepid water for four to five hours.

Step 5

Mix equal amounts of sand and peat moss together in a bucket.

Step 6

Place a coffee filter at the bottom of a 4-inch pot and then fill the pot with the planting mixture. Fill as many pots as you have seeds to plant.

Step 7

Plant the pits 2 inches below the surface and cover with the soil mixture. Push the pit to this depth with your finger or use a small spoon to dig a hole for the pit.

Step 8

Water the pots thoroughly until water comes out the bottom drainage holes.

Step 9

Place the pots in a sunny window.

Step 10

Water to keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy or the seeds can rot.

Step 11

Transplant the plum trees outdoors after all threat of frost has passed. If the weather is still cold, transplant the small plum trees into 6-inch pots, and continue to grow in a bright sunny window.

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